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With family heritage in the shoe business dating back to the 1940's,   our company understands what Indonesians look for in their shoes. At Pavindo Mitra Abadi our team has always been working to the same company philosophy through the years : 

To bring you fashion and quality at the best price.

Having market experience in work and occasion shoes, we are also fast becoming a leader in fashion footwear for work and play. Pavindo Mitra Abadi now delivers to an extensive network of partners specializing in shoe retailing and department stores, therefore making our products easily available to the Indonesian men and women, providing them with an array of high-end style shoes inspired by the latest global fashion trends yet designed with local flavors, but with value unsurpassed in the market.

Pavindo Mitra Abadi is getting bigger all the time, and we would like to meet partners who are interested in growing with us. 

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